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To: Mayor and Board of Directors in Little Rock, AR

Little Rock – our dogs need us

The pets and people of Little Rock deserve better. Currently, when dogs enter our shelter, only a little over half make it out alive (with a 56% save rate in 2022). Together, we can create lifesaving change for our community, which includes people and pets.

Please sign and share this petition to advocate for safe, humane, and positive solutions for the animals living in Little Rock and the people who care for them. By signing, you are telling elected officials this is a matter that is important to you.

Why is this important?

Together we can make sustainable changes that save lives while creating a framework of support for the pets of Little Rock. Animals who end up at the animal shelter are part of this community and city officials need to know that the people of Little Rock care about shelter animals dying.

In 2022, Little Rock Animal Village took in 2795 dogs and 1140 cats. While 86% of cats were saved, only 56% of dogs made it out alive. Little Rock is killing more dogs than anywhere else in the state of Arkansas.

Supporting our community means supporting our shelter and programs that focus on providing safe and positive outlets for cats and dogs entering shelters. It is important your representatives know that saving cats and dogs is important to the people of Little Rock.

In a recent poll, 78% of likely voters in Little Rock believe the shelter should adopt policies that reduce the number of dogs and cats being killed at the shelter as opposed to 6% that do not.

All dogs in Little Rock deserve a chance at a happy, healthy life. By joining this effort, you can be part of creating a healthier community for pets and people. Show your support by signing and sharing this petition today!
Little Rock, AR, USA

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