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To: The Mayor

Ban taking your dog to gamble with you

I'm a Casino worker who is saddened by watching patrons bring their dogs into gamble with them. As we do not want our children in second smoke fill, undesirable human infested, and adult habits. It should not be a place for dogs as well. Though they have it worse. Being on the uncleansed casino carpet, for hours, with no bathroom breaks, no water, and no food. Cacophony that they are not used to, and many strangers coming up to touch. Please help these fur babies with no voice. Its so important to keep them safe. I watch horrible things on a day to day basis. Owners making their dogs ride up the metal grates of the escalators, as they shake. Finally when they are let outside to potty, running out of their dog carrier and hours later being notified they have been hit by a car. Dogs biting other guests, and still coming back to gamble with their dog. Its not the dogs fault, it is scared, and doesn't have another defensive mechanism. Dogs love parks, walks, playing and their bed. No place for them is in a Casino all day long.
There has to be something that can be done.
Please, 64.3 million Americans own a dog, and I'm hoping you do so you can feel my heartache, so we can keep our furry best friend safe and happy.
Thank you for listening

Why is this important?

Its is so important to help those who can not speak. Our furry babies give us everything and more. Dog spelt backwards is God, and I feel like God put them on this earth for us not to take care of them. If not us, then who?
Casino are meant for having fun and letting lose, adult time. Bringing your child or pet is just unfair to something that can not choose. So lets do something about pets in a Casino.

Reno, NV, USA

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